Decades of experience

The importance of Marketing

We can assist you to estbalish your Marketing Plan which will include the following chapters:

1.Value propositions

2.Customer segments

3.Customer relationship


5. Competitors analysis

6.Key partners

7. Presence and use of social media

8. Use of AI to facilitate your operations (ChatGPT)

Once the Marketing Plan has been written, we are assisting you to make the Marketing Action Plan. How will you promote your business? Which Social Media should you use for promotion? What is your promotional budget? How effective and attractive is your website? How can you be pro-active on review sites like Tripadvisor and How o be effective with CRM (Customer relations management)? Establish a database, send electronic newsletters using for example MailChimp.

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Operating a hotel without any Marketing Plan is like flying an airplane without instruments. It will lead you nowhere.

A marketing Plan is your guidance for the future and needs a constant updating in order to be able to recognise new trends, a change in competitors, new promotional tools etc.